What is a wax melt?

A wax melt is a chunk of wax that is highly scented to release a beautiful aroma when heated in a wax burner. Unlike a candle, the wax does not evaporate but are easily cleaned from the burner when you would like to change thee scent. 

How to use Primrose wax melts?

Simpy snap off a chunk or two of our snap bars and pop it into your wax burner (if using a tealight burner, we suggest using a 4hr tealight).

We recommend using tealight burners rather than electric burners as these work better with our wax. They tend to get hotter which helps produce a strong scent throw. 

How do I change my wax melt?

The easiest way I find to change a wax melt is to place a tealight into the burner below the wax and let it burn for approx 60 seconds. This melts the wax slightly at the bottom and will allow you to slide it out. Any excess wax can then be wiped away (I personally usually use a cotton pad).

Why is there smoke coming from the wax?

The white smoke that you may see coming from your wax melt as it burns is absolutely nothing to worry about. This is quite simply the fragrance releasing into the air.

Are you eco-friendly?

We care about our planet and try our best to be as Eco-friendly as possible. Below are some of the steps we take to play our part in looking after our beautiful planet:

  • Our products are cruelty free and vegan friendly

  • We use 100% biodegradable packaging peanuts for our orders. Pop a few into your sink at a time and let water run over them. They will rinse away and dissolve without clogging up any drains or plugs.

  • As we are always placing wholesale orders, we try our best to reuse as much packaging from those as we can for your orders to reduce our waste. 

  • We use glassine bags to package our snapbars - these are fully recyclable and biodegradable. 

  • We use recycled polypropylene (rPP) clamshells. This is a widely sought after recycled material is the most environmentally friendly material there is for waxmelt clamshells. This is because of its ease of recovery from waste streams, it's compatibility if mixed with other polymers and the ability to use additives to adjust its processing and end mechanical properties.

When will my order arrive?

Our current turnaround is 3-5 working days. 

At this moment in time, if you opt for local delivery - you should receive your order within 2 days. If you opt for postage, you should receive your order within 5 days. 

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What is your returns policy?

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